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Mlp Oc: Dragonheart
Hey guys!! I decided to color a drawing of my oc for Mlp that i had drawn earlier this year. I had created her years ago and finally got a really good design drawn for her and colored it. And before anyone asks, those are dragon wings she has. She is a half dragon, half pegasus hybrid. Her mother was a pegasus, and her father was a pony sized dragon who actually wasn't cruel to ponies. The two had gone to a sorcerer to cast a spell on them to allow them to have a child together, and she was the result. She act like a pony most of the time, but she does have some dragonic traits that bubble up to the surface every now and again, and that sometimes makes it hard for her to make friends because she fears hurting them. Her cutie mark is a dragon scale heart with a pen behind it. The heart represents her pride and love for her dragon heritage and shows she is accepting of that part of her and doesn't resent it at all, and the pen is her talent in art, creating amazing drawings that she sells to ponies in her own little shop. I got inspired to do this after watching Lightning Bliss do her review of the episode Gauntlet of Fire, where she turned her oc into a dragon for it, which i thought was amazing. Well, i hope you guys all enjoy and stay awesome!! I do not own Mlp, though. That belongs to Hasbro. I only own the character i made.
Ink's Secret Pg. 1
Here you go, guys! Page 1 of the Ink's Secret comic! This took me so long to do, and yes i am aware that i did  not add his brush or the paints on his belt. There is a reason for that which will be explained later on in the comic. I have page 2 already drawn but again it will take me a while to finish coloring once i get it on my computer. I do not own any of the characters seen on this page. Ink belongs to Comyet, the other character who spoke in this page is Error, who belongs to Lover of Piggies (from what my research told me that's who created Error but please correct me if i'm wrong), and Undertale belongs to Toby Fox. I hope you all enjoy and look forward to more!
Ink's Secret Cover
Hey guys! This is the cover to a comic that I've started to work on. It's based around the story of an oc I created called Invisible Ink, who, in the universe I've built around it, was Ink and Error's first child, who had to be sealed away in the void for reasons that will be explained as the story progresses (which is why there are chains on his arms. It's not some sort of sexual thing. That's just wrong). The only character i own in this series is going to be Invisible Ink (shortening his name to Invis), and proper credit will be giving to the creators of every other character add into this series. Case in point, Ink belongs to Comyet and Undertale itself is owned by Toby Fox.  Keep in mind this comic is going to take me a long time since this took me about 6 hours to color completely and i hand draw everything on a notebook during my free time in school which is barely any at all, plus the tools i have to actually color this is limited. I have the first page all drawn and will be coloring it after school tomorrow so it's possible i will have it up either sometime tomorrow or this weekend, so look forward to it! Also please do not point out if there are any flaws with how i've drawn the characters, because i draw these without references until i get to the actual coloring/digitizing phase and i try to simplify the design a little to make it so it still looks like the character but doesn't make it harder on me than i would like it to be. Anyways, i hope you enjoy and look forward to this comic! And yes i ship Ink and Error, if you don't like it that's fine. Everyone has their ships ^^
Hey guys! Here's Underrule!Sans for the AU that I made. I know it's not the best because for right now all i have to work with is paint but hey it turned out a lot better than i hoped! I might attempt to make the other characters for Underrule but for now this is it! Give me your thoughts in the comments!
This is an AU created by myself after I drew inspiration from seeing other AUs and from some songs that I've listened to. This AU is based around the concept of power = corruption. In this universe, the more powerful you are, the higher your position is in society, with the most powerful monster being the one ruling the Underground. Everyone in the Underground is constantly seeking out more power through any means, and competing with one another in order to eventually become the ruler or at least get a better place than what they have. The current ruler is Gaster, who was the most powerful after Asgore's death, which he had died from a fatal illness. Since Gaster became king, his two sons, Sans and Papyrus, became princes. Even Papyrus isn't safe from the corruption of power, constantly training to better himself so he can be next in line for the throne, which he already thought he had in the bag because he thought of his brother as weak. That, however, is not the case. Sans may appear weak, but that's only because he does not wish to use his full power in fear of the corruption it will bring to his mind. He has enough power to destroy everyone in the Underground and even the surface if he were to break through the barrier. He is afraid to hurt others, to destroy everything, so he doesn't use his power. Now Frisk's role in this universe is to show the monsters of the Underground that power doesn't mean anything. That even a weak person can become something great without having to succumb to the urge and desire for power.They immediatly bond with Sans, and throughout their adventure they learn about his fears and struggles and try to help him through it all. They make friends with everyone by showing them the error of their ways and their DETERMINATION purifies them of their corruption. On their journey the spirit of Asgore is their guide to restore what he considers his fallen kingdom. The final challenge is Sans, who lost control to the corruption that plagued his soul. In that moment, it is Frisk's job to SAVE him from his own insanity and free him from the chains of his own fears. After everything is said and done, Frisk breaks the barrier with the help of the other souls that Gaster had collected, and allowed the new monsters to have a new life on the least that's how it is in a Pacifist route. In a Genocide route, Chara is slowly corrupting Frisk because Frisk, due to their own fears of being hurt, makes themselves stronger so they can survive. Since all of the monsters try to hurt them, they fight back and eventually kill the monsters and at one point Chara takes complete control. Sans is still the final boss in this timeline, but instead he uses his powers to try and stop them instead of it being accidental, but at that point, after defeating Gaster and every one else, was too powerful for even Sans to defeat, and after gaining that much power from killing Sans, they basically become a god like being who rules over the world.
Hey it's me! I just thought I should share this neat little idea for an AU with everyone and see what you all think! I'm going to also be posting up a little artwork of what Underrule!Sans looks like so look forward to that aswell!!
Hey everyone.......... There's going to be some changes to my dA. There will no longer be any stories. If any of you have seen CinemaSins, and their other channel Story Sins, then I'll just tell you now. My creepypasta story, Shadow of Blood, was turned into an 'Everything wrong with' video on the Story Sins channel on Youtube......and they were not all. In total they counted 301 'sins' on my story. Now I was not the one who asked them to do it. Someone else did, and did not have my permission to do so. I am not revealing their name, but if they want to make themselves known then they can do so if they wish, or if you find the video on the Story Sins channel that has their Youtube. So from now on my dA is only going to consist of my drawings, and I will be deleting all written stories/bios. I'm sorry for those of you that like them, but that video was a very huge blow to me even if those on Story Sins/ CinemaSins did not 'mean any true harm'. I can take very small criticism, but they went way too far. Note that I'm not mad at the person who sent my story to CinemaSins, I'm just gravely hurt and upset by what has happened. I am sorry to everyone....


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